I first met Jenne Lombardo, (you may know her as the founder of  The Terminal Presents & the creative force behind Made Fashion Week), five summers ago in Montauk while roasting marshmallows around an open fire with our kids.

At the time Jenne was living in NYC, but as we had a chat, I quickly realized she was more well versed in “Brooklyn” than most Brooklynites! Everything from the lay of the land to the best BK restaurants!

As is the case with most that meet her, I was instantly intrigued…here is a gal that is ridiculously stylish, beyond witty, uber successful, and an amazing mom to boot! We became fast friends.

The fact that Jenne now lives in Brooklyn makes complete sense, and I adore our standing Friday night dinners…always at a local spot!

Jenne comes from the most incredible Italian family, so it seemed perfectly fitting for her to cook me a classic Italian dish as I “snoop” about in her Carroll Gardens Apt.



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