Eye Swoon

March 11, 2013

Part two main

Bartending is what got me through my first few years of living in Manhattan. Now almost 18 years later here I am behind the bar yet again at Dell’Anima.  I love the nastalgia of it all….my life has changed so drastically since those early NYC days when I lived at the Breslin in a 350 sq ft apartment. (Yes, my first apartment is the now converted and much chicer Ace Hotel) Anyway I didn’t cook then, knew nothing about great food and wine, and I certainly wasn’t making Negroni’s behind the bar at the Tunnel & Palladium!

Dell’Anima in a way represents the new,”grown up” version of myself with a more refined palette!  I can probably say that partly through Joe Campanale’s restaurants I discovered new food and drink.  I began eating Octopus for the first time here at Dell’Anima, I tried my first sweetbreads, I found my obsession with Aperol through Dell’Anima, and I learned a lot about fine Italian wine through the guidance of Mr. Campanale and his passion & encyclopedia knowledge of wine!

Joe, who is a partner and holds the title of executive beverage director at Dell’Anima, is the most lovely & gracious guy who I have gotten to know well over the years though my many visits to his swoon-worthy establishments. I am soooooo incredibly thrilled that I had the chance to go back to my roots behind the bar and through Eye-swoon had the opportunity to make one of Joe’s favorite cocktails….Dell’Anima’s twist on the classic Negroni!

All images courtesy of Chloe Crespi, THANK YOU!


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