Last week I was at a loss for what make for dinner.  My local market was wiped out of most things, so I picked up a few links of  hot pork sausage and a bunch of tuscan kale….dinner at that moment was unknown and uninspired.

The night prior , at L’Apicio, I savored over the most incredible seabass on a bed of lentils and found myself swoon~dreaming for these teeny legumes.  Once home I began rummaging through the pantry seeking some black frenchies…found!  This prompted the creation of a veggie pasta incorporating the kale, lentils, spicy sausage, and why not..some sautéed fennel since  it pairs so well with sausage.

This meal kinda took me by storm as it was completely unplanned for dinner and certainly unintended for an ES post, yet it came together so beautifully! There were a few moments I wondered, might I have one too many  components? But it all just seemed to work…I was completely riffing and having fun….just love when that happens!

All the flavors melded together so deliciously that even my 9 year old son swooned the…duh duh duuuuhhhh…KALE DISH!  This is a perfect week night meal that can be versatile for those carb haters….omit the pasta, add more chicken broth and viola, you have a wonderfully savory & flavorful soup!  Or for those who are veggie only, you can certainly omit the sausage.





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