Sometimes you just need a little fat….ok, ok, A LOT of fat!  Not one Thanksgiving has come to be in my family without Narnie’s (our Americanized version of Nonna ) super creamy whipped yams.

When Narnie passed away it was unthinkable that anyone could make them as yummy as she did. After a few failed attempts & many sad bellies on turkey day, I decided to give it a try 10 years ago.  I’m not saying mine are quite as good as hers but they come pretty darn close, I now carry on the tradition.

Narnie was an incredible woman & an amazing but super messy cook…let me rephrase…a passionate cook!  I’ll never forget the look of her kitchen after she whipped up a holiday meal….I mean, even her phone had blobs of dried food on it!

So her secret recipe calls for not only loads of butter, but also half & half, and shhhhh…..cream cheese!   She chose to include brown sugar, but every year I attempt to make them a bit healthier without anyone realizing.  So this year I omitted the sugar and opted for maple syrup.

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