Eye Swoon

March 19, 2013

Avocado main3Sometimes you just can’t overthink lunch.  Often the simplest things are the most memorable & most yummy! I would say it’s fairly safe to bet that if there’s a kale salad or an avocade toast on a menu, I swoon & ultimately need to order it!

Kale and ripe avocados are also essential staples when I visit the market & always have a place in my kitchen, so this easy breezy lunch is an amalgam of the overtly obvious for me.

We all have an arsenal of fave recipes we pull from of our bag of tricks when in need of a quickie, inspired, inpromptu lunch.  This is hands down the dish I turn to most often when hosting family & friends out at my  house in Amagansett. It’s guaranteed to please…super hearty, & healthy!

Honestly, it’s just so easy to throw together & swoon~able. Trick here is a surplus of lemon, a touch of spice, maldon sea salt, and some great quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. My personal building blocks of flavor!

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