I’ve got a little swoon secret to share!

Reclaimed wood beams do not necessarily have to be expensive and 100 years old.

What we all love most about this look, like the shelving in my  Amagansett kitchen, is the time worn aged appearance that reclaimed materials offer us.   The silvery, beaten up, patina that is characteristic of naturally weathered wood that develops over time.

Well, who says that process has to happen inside a barn?  I realized, while walking along a construction site, that  simple construction planks have seen the nitty gritty work load of tools, machinery, & contractors.

When you consider they have also been stacked outdoors on the streets or within a building, exposed to the elements, you achieve the exact same “reclaimed” look through an accelerated gruff process with a far less lofty price tag!

Fake it till you make it right…Beam me up!

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