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  • Bite into this! @valleybrinkroad shares her swoony recipe for oven roasted carrots on today's "THE BITE" on eye-swoon.com
  • Sometimes simplicity wins... Romaine heart salad with lemon anchovy parmesan dressing. #jivanapproved #swoonworthy
  • Chef David Standridge of @cafeclovernyc revels his inventive recipe for Ivory lentil risotto with white truffle on today's eye-swoon.com | An exercise in creamy delicious decadence without the guilt of rice, butter and cream! #EyeSwoon #SwoonWorthy 📷 @masha.photo
  • I can be shy and awkward in social settings and new environments.... but apparently once I begin to talk food, stepping inside the kitchen @cafeclovernyc {to create the swooniest Ivory Lentil Risotto} I come alive. And so do my lips💋matching my @hedleyandbennett apron as one should always do! Snoop today's feature with Chef David Standridge on eye-swoon.com | photo captured by @masha.photo
  • Here we go...I'm moving {AGAIN!}New space, new design direction, new decor - and there is nothing I swoon more! Take a snoop at the inspiration for my new loft on today's ES.
  • Pancakes on a school morning?  Absolutely, anything for my little nugget. And national pancake day of course!

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