The moment Fall arrives I want to roast absolutely everything! Once roasted, veggies take on a hearty, caramelized, & rich flavor that make me swoon!

I’m also a huge brunch lady who has been temporarily deprived of my leisurely Sunday brunch dates since my recent weekend priority has me working away on my new apartment.

Well last week I decided to take brunch & my love of farm fresh veggies into my own hands & probably made one of the most divine brunch dishes I have ever created….if I do say so myself.

The best part about it? It’s oh so simple to throw together with just 5 or 6 key ingredients….two of your favorite seasonal veggies, eggs, extra virgin olive oil, herbs, and S & P.  I’d say the trickiest part about this entire endeavor  is the poaching of the egg.  This, admittedly so, I have  yet to master but got fairly close after my 3rd egg.  The tip here is to add white vinegar to the water and create a whirlpool effect to which you drop the egg into….more specific’s in the recipe below.  I do hope you enjoy this as much as I did…..

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