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June 20, 2013

Franny part 2 mainI’ve always dreamt of being a chef – the mechanics of the profession have fascinated me as long as I can remember. So you can’t imagine how much the chance to be in the kitchen with John Adler of Franny’s had me over the moon!

I particularly love the way Franny’s balances acid, heat and briny flavors with sweet and sour (Agro Dolce) and bright fresh herbs. Bite by bite I am in awe of the subtle uniqueness of the flavors and revitalized by the creativity in every dish. I’ve learned so much from them about how to add crunch to salads with the simplicity of nuts and how to experiment with grains to add a texture that can elevate a dish. Before eating at Franny’s I hadn’t played with the careful juxtaposition of sweet and spicy – or pickled anything myself. Now I can’t get enough.

As much as Franny’s is known as a wood-burning pizza place (and the pizza is amazing) it’s so much more than that. To quote Francine, “Great ingredients demand respect, and vegetables are as deserving as any.”  Of course, Spring brings forth the most incredible greens – veggies that have been hibernating all winter awaken crisp, fresh and vibrant. I couldn’t imagine a more exhilarating season to be in the kitchen at Franny’s.

Cooking with John I was blown away by his passion and his precision. His incredible grace – from his demeanor – to the attention he pays to plating his food. At Franny’s there really is a sense of community that comes out of the kitchen itself. It’s palpable when you’re in the space and in every bite, I attribute it to Francine and Andrew – the gentle way they have of educating the curious and generously sharing their local purveyors on the back of their menu.

The sense of family is topped off with even more excitement about the arrival of the long anticipated Franny’s cookbook Franny’s – Simple Seasonal Italian. I am proud to be included on its inside covers with my Franny’s-Loving family, and even prouder to take the Franny’s challenge and attempt to create every recipe on its pages. I told you….obsessed!

Photography by Chloe Crespi



Franny's Simple Seasonal Italian

Franny’s Simple Seasonal Italian

Titone Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Titone Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Microplane Shaver

Microplane Shaver

Vitamix Turboblend

Vitamix Turboblend

Franny's Baseball Hat

Franny’s Baseball Hat










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