This little lady loves a winter salad. Seasonal veggies chopped & sliced to perfection with the crunch of a nut & the brightness of an lemony vinegarette is what I crave in these colder months.

In my home we savor the short season for Honeycrisp apples…buying a minimum of 10 apples weekly!  It’s hands down our go to snack as they are exceptionally crisp, crunchy, & sweet all at once!  We get oddly excited when these apple treasures begin appearing at the farm stands….EVERY other apple pales in comparison!

I recently had an incredible white cabbage, Honeycrisp, walnut, & pecorino salad at Franny’s & just last week at Michael’s Genuine, in Miami, I had the simplist  Honeycrisp, basil, &  feta salad that was to die for!  With the inspiration of those salads in mind I took a few favorite & staple winter ingredients sitting in the fridge & made my own version of a Honeycrisp Salad.  Tuscan Kale,apples,celery,walnuts, & pecorino… with torn bits of basil to add an herby punch that 100% elevated to dish. 

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