When summer’s in full swing I find myself making fruit tart’s regularly.  There is something about a thin snappy pastry shell that makes me {{swoon}} yet has eluded me for years. I have probably experimented and scrutinized 20+  recipes…from a shortbread type where you press the dough into your pan, to the classic French pastry.  Too often they are abundantly rich or get soggy over time.

I think I have finally found “the one”, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen, THANK YOU! I hope you don’t mind sharing ; ))

Once again the pairing of citrus..light & lemony, coupled with sweet and succulent strawberries has made its way into my heart, into my kitchen, and finally into my mouth….yumm!

The addition of folding freshly whipped cream into an otherwise standard lemon curd, a tip learned from Pastry Pal, transforms this filling into a velvety & airy mousse, slightly less pungent than a straight up curd.  This tart is certainly a keeper in my repertoire and can work with any assortment of berries.


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