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Swoonable Snaps

  • Next level fringe! Serious gratitude to my girls @jfisherjewelry & @rosie_assoulin 🙏 @artproductionny #GangGala
  • 👀 sure do SWOON for Easter! eggs + things on the blog today.
  • Sweet little swooners tucked away in bed dreaming of Peter Cottontail's arrival on Easter morning. #Easter | #Egg | #Swoon on the blog today!
  • In 80's Harlem, the BOOMBOX represented your personal take on music, fashion and culture - it was a form of self-expression for an entire generation. Upon entering @streetbirdnyc, @marcuscooks new uptown eatery, a interactive installation not only expresses a striking artistic statement - it is literally a storytelling medium. As you wait for a table you’ll be able to plug in to hear the history of Harlem being told directly by the people who lived and shaped the neighborhood. It’s really an amazing way to start conversations and immerse yourself in the history of the neighborhood, while honoring the decades that made Harlem a cultural icon. #GENIUS [📷 @winniewow]
  • I couldn't be happier to share the exclusive first glimpse of @marcuscooks newest Harlem eatery @streetbirdnyc on today's eye-swoon.com | Rotisserie chicken with an urban tale! [ 📷 @winniewow ]

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