Pickles mainAs Jivan gets older I am growing more & more aware that my sweet little guy & those cherished cuddly moments are sadly occurring less & less.

I get it, we all grow up….I need to accept that he wants to be with his friends at the skate park where noooooo kissing mama is allowed & that rough housing with dad  is more fun than reading with mom ; ((

There is one activity I will NEVER give up! Jivan & I have been creating together in the kitchen since he was an iddy biddy baby….it’s just one of our things! We bake cookies, make panna cotta, he’s the perfect veggie chopper at dinnertime, & he is an expert at making pesto.  So, when Jivan recently declared he would like to make homemade pickles, I jumped at the opportunity!  Pickles are a new acquired taste for Jivan & he has become quite the connoisseur….sampling all the artisanal varieties on our Sunday visits to the Brooklyn Flea & Smorgesburg.

I’d never made pickles before so I was excited to dive into this new endeavor together and see what we could conjure up. I explored numerous sites to gain an understanding of the process & we somewhat created our own non-recipe, not paying close attention to measurements & just having fun with my “guy”.  I was about to say “little guy” but perhaps “GUY” is more fitting for a double digit pre-teen….eeeekkk!

On this very special occasion, the tables were turned! I was Jivan’s sous chef….he did all the chopping, adding of spices, & even made the brine himself.  My little pickle is growing up!








Ironwood_cutting_board Canning Jars                                     Global Chef’s Knife                          OXO Measuring Cup                  Magnetic Measuring Spoons            Acacia Wood Board


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