It’s been about 11 years since I have been swooning the melt in your mouth braised pork ragu at Al Di La in Bklyn.  I have tried many a time to replicated this divine dish yet admittedily always failed compared to Chef Anna Klingers original!

While researching a holiday dish (braised meats are somewhat of a tradition for me) I stumbled upon Anna’s actual recipe on the Heritage Foods site. AHHHHH!!  I knew instantly I had to conquer this dish once and for all!

I can not begin to tell how insanely delicious this braised ragu is….The depth of flavor is outstanding and the meat is ridiculiously tender.  When I first tested the ragu  upon its completion I was giddy as a little girl for it’s wild success…I finally did it!  Thank you for sharing Anna!

With a dollup of creamy goat cheese and a shaving of fresh pecorino, it is beyond decadent! A large tubular pasta is perfect for catching this hearty sauce in each bite. YUMMMMMM……

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