My little guy is growing up fast…sad but true. I have an almost 10 year old skate obsessed boy who has very strong idea’s about style (that’s my boy!) Hence his graffiti & skate inspired little man cave!

The room came together quite effortlessly once we got on board (hehe) with the wall of skate decks flanking Jivan’s bed.  Our local skate shop, Homage, inspired the idea with their in-store display of decks. I wanted Jivan to choose the decks he most gravitated to but I needed to control the palette…umm control freak?  I choose 40 or so decks in the desired palette of green, hot pink, purple, & turk then let him pick the best of the best.

After seeing a graffiti piece go up on Houston Street, Jivan was immediately drawn to the idea of a crazy wall mural that reflected his world.  I called upon a dear friend & artist, Adam Razak, who came over one evening & asked Jivan specific questions about what he was visually drawn to. Diamonds, arrows, crowns, explosions, & the #10, all which were incorporated into his custom mural.

My personal favorite bit within the room is the use of skate trucks & wheels as handle’s for the bedside tables….courtesy of moi!

It’s so important for children to be involved in creating their personal space. This age & this room brings on a new era in my child’s life….a need for an environment where he goes to chill with friends, listen to music, decompress, create, & simply hang out in a space he feels connected to! 

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