Buratta Mint Pea Main

Hands down, no questions asked, I’m a foodie, continually inspired by food.  Besides my family, food is the singular thing I think about, ok obsess about, every minute of every day.  I get silly excited when that perfect combination of flavors hits my palette & most often I wrestle in my mind if I need to order a 2nd (I usually do) or rush home, stopping off at the market, to buy the ingredients to re-create the dish on my own.

This was in fact the case recently when in LA dining with friends at Evaleigh. We ordered a buratta, spring pea & mint mash served with a perfectly crusty & golden piece of  bread. After that 1st dreamy bite I went silent, though in a food trance, then ooohh’ed & ahhh’ed to the point of annoyance. I cannot express to you how mind blowingly yummy & simple this dish was. The buratta was super creamy spread atop the warm & oiled crostini & elevated with the brightness of this seasons finest; spring green peas rustically smashed with fresh mint & a touch of lemon.The flavors were so delicate & complex simultaneously!

Needless to say we ordered another & once back in NYC I immediately created a swoon-worthy version for myself & my guys.  At the green market I snatched up some asparagus, mint, & fresh green peas….a trifecta of ingredients that scream SPRING IS HERE!  A hearty loaf of peasant bread and a quick stop at Whole Foods for the buratta and I had everything I needed.

Please hurry & make this perfect spring snack! The deconstructed presentation is quite pretty for entertaining & the lemony dressing is refreshingly tart, complimenting these springtime stars allowing the flavors to really pop! Warm weather fare at it’s best…fantastically healthy, bright, creamy, & crunchy!







charcoal_ripple_porcelain_bowls   Stainless Steel Sauce Pan                 Global Chef’s Knife                          OXO Silicone Brush          Olive-Wood Cutting Board        Charcoal Porcelain Bowls


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