Tastemaker Holiday Traditions & Wish List!


Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without tradition. In each of our families, there are a certain set of happnings that just need to take place for it to feel like the holidays. Many traditions date back to childhood and seem to stick no matter how silly they might be. In my case, I absolutely can not decorate our Christmas tree without the screeching squeaky sounds of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Here we recap some of our favorite tastemakers & friends holiday traditions. Happy Holidays! – athena

NATE BERKUS  Decorator, product designer and author

“I don’t usually have a tree for the holidays, but this year we got one and I think it will be a new tradition, especially now that I’m married. Having a living 6ft tree in your dining room is really fun. That, and I always go traveling at this time of year. It feels like the perfect moment to take a beat, rest up and get set for the year ahead”


ZANNA ROBERTS RASSI E News Fashion Correspondent & Marie Clair Senior Fashion Editor

6am wake up. Sing carols with two sisters to wake parents up. Open gifts under tree – person by person. Church. Eat turkey (white meat) with all the trimmings. The Queens speech. British chocolate. Board games. Food coma. Bed in new PJs. Best day EVER”


BRENDAN FALLIS DJ & Entrepreneur 

“This year I’ll be heading to Australia and Thailand with Hannah and her family, my first holiday away from my own family….!  We won’t be cooking much, but looking forward to trying the local Thai dishes as I’m a huge fan of Thai food: Tom Yam Goong what’s up!”


RACHELLE HRUSKA MACPHERSON Creator of Guest of a Guest

“This holiday season we are heading to Jose Ignacio in Uruguay with friends, just after we stop through Patagonia for the wedding of Alex de Batak to Sofia Sanchez. I can’t wait to see both, but Patagonia, in particular, is a place I have been dying to visit. We are taking both kids and we can’t wait!”


EDEN GRISHPAN Chef & TV Personality

“I always spend the holidays with my family. There is nothing better than sitting down to a large table filled with delicious food and great wine. We just feast, laugh, listen to great music and obviously end up dancing and singing the night away. We usually try and travel to a new part of the world every holiday. Last year we spent 2 weeks in Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands…it was incredible!”


BEN TOWILL & PHIL WINSER Chefs & Owners of Silkstone, The Fat Radish & Leadbelly

“Phil’s family introduced an amazing holiday tradition that we have actually feature in the book, the dish is Kedgeree and we cook it every Christmas Eve, an age old Winser tradition that has been brought state side, that and of course Love Actually.”



MATT KLIEGMAN Owner of The Smile

“I typically spent the holidays with my fiance Sophie in Jamaica – this will be the fourth year in a row.”


HANNAH BRONFMAN Founder of Beautified & HBFIT

“One of my favorite memories is a kid is definitely making hot cocoa and adding in as many marshmallows as possible! Now that I’m older (and much more aware of how much sugar is in those packets!), I’ve been determined to make my own #HBFit approved cocoa, with almond milk warmed in a cute tea kettle, obvi!”

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