Kate Foley, the absolutely stunning English rose, with bone structure to die for, and a fast track career in fashion as the buyer for Opening Ceremony, is my kinda gal.

Her fashion sense is without a doubt swoon-worthy, she’s a Brooklyn girl through & through, she loves food {especially wine, cheese, & prosciutto} and she swoon’s her local veggies….from either Greenpoint’s, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, or from her mum’s beautiful country garden in West Sussex.

Kate immediately knew she wanted to take me to two of her favorite Williamsburg spots. Bedford Cheese Shop, she joked “this place is going to be the death of me….I can eat cheese every day!”  And Bakeri, where holding on strong to her English roots, we had tea…chatted about fashion, our summer plans,  how we’re both late night eaters,  &  about her cat weenies fire escape fiasco’s..she jumps often!

Our Sunday afternoon together was girly & giggly perfection….come take a snoop!

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