Sad but true….we have come to the end of the line with summer tomatoes.  With this in mind for Labor Day  I chose to celebrate the tomato this weekend in making a Panzanella salad, not once but twice…beacuse it was that good!

My interpretation and approach to this salad was a bit hap hazard since I already had the ingredients at hand and  thrown together without recipe.

I sat down with friends to sample this unchartered territory of a summer salad and my mouth was ridiculously happy…so delicious and perfectly balanced!

The croutons were crunchy & garlicky, tomatoes super sweet, the basil fresh, and the lemon and acid added a brightness that I continually crave….then the quinoa offered the unexpected texture that sucked up the juices and brought the entire salad together.  As went back for 2nd’s and 3rd’s, licking my fingers, all I could think of was that I NEEDED to remake this salad before the holiday weekends closure for myself & for eye~swoon!  



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