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Swoonable Snaps

  • Christmas morning swooning.... Fig and pear galette with honey, lemon & fresh thyme ready for the oven. Happy Holidays 🍋🍯🍐
  • Merry Christmas! May your day be punctuated with love and light... family, friendship & laughter. Most importantly... EAT WELL - SWOON OFTEN! x /athena
  • Stepping way outside of my Italian American roots here - In the Christmas eve grind making curry. #grind #spice #cumin #coriander #cardamom #shrimp
  • Wrapping your gifts in simple craft paper tied with bakers twine is both refined and approachable. An inspirational quote of gratitude attached to the box finished with a sprig of greenery elevates the package - offering a sweet sentiment to your loved ones.
  • Holiday essential and guaranteed crowd pleaser! A swoony cheese and charcuterie board loaded with winter fruits, sweet chutney, briny olives, and finished with fresh herbs. Snoop the full holiday feast  on Eye-Swoon.com @theline with @putnamflowers 📷 @msprouty
  • I have been known to get crafty from time to time - a simple idea executed in a thoughtful way! Brown paper bags act as a holiday menu while serving double duty as a sweet take away. Sugar & Spice candied nuts inside! Details with @putnamflowers on @thelinenyc & www.eye-swoon.com

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