The purchase of my ‘60s midcentury modern Amagansett beach house marked a major shift in my life: from our family’s urban focus to one of greater appreciation of nature, to slowing down and enjoying quieter moments together—biking, beaching, surfing, camp fires … swooning.  This home spawned not only my design career and my love of all things creative and beautiful, but also, this site.

Eyeswoon was brought to life through cooking, creating, and entertaining friends in this home. This home has taught me, over multiple occasions of practice, how to become what I hope is a gracious host. And most importantly, this Eastern Long Island lifestyle has introduced me to a vast, interesting cast of characters I now consider friends. A comingling of creatives, from designers and artists and fashion friends, to bloggers, hoteliers, and editors. People that inspire me, raise me up, and amplify this magical, much appreciated lifestyle.

I was thrilled to welcome so many of these people to my home for this enchanted & intimate, long imagined summer soirée made possible by Cointreau. The guest list of fellow notable swooners included Nate Berkus and Jeramiah Brent, Natalie Joos, Jeanann Williams, Pheobe & Anette Stephens, Jenne Lombardo, Rachelle Haurska, Sean MacPhearson, Sabine Heller, Kelly Framel, Peter Davis, Leilani Bishop, Tali Magal, and Casey Freemont, to mention a few. The evening far exceeded my expectations, and only got better as day turned to night and we sprawled across my lawn for the feast ahead. Chef Jeff Schwarz’ farm-fresh, family-style dishes were passed among delighted guests, filling my belly with abundance, and my heart with laughter.

What I love about nights like these is the magic generated from sharing a table of seasonal food and drink in an unforgettable environment. The joy of seeing my friends relaxed and carefree was palpable. We played musical chairs (or rugs, I should say), hopped in the pool, played on my son’s zip line, and lay on one another’s laps giggling and telling tales, buoyed by our Cointreau Lime Rickeys. The evening ended with us all huddled around the fire pit roasting marshmallows for s’mores, a full moon glowing overhead … magic indeed! Thank you, friends and Cointreau, for turning this dream of a hippie-style summer soirée into a full-blown swoon-worthy reality!

A thank-you note from Nate Berkus the following day filled me with emotion. “You were at your very best on Saturday night: charming, relaxed, beautiful, and creative. What a gorgeous evening of warmth and welcome you extended—and therein lies the magic. Everyone there felt like old friends. Brava.”

To bring the evening together,  good friend and fellow swooner DJ Chelsea Leyland put together the perfect playlist for the evening – tune in here!

Photography by Winnie Au. Hop on over to Lonny.com to swoon further.


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