Anyone that really knows me understands that I can most often be found in the kitchen.  I get teased all the time from friends that I’m continually and obsessively chop chop chopping and prep prep prepping. They say, “I’m over doing it”…I say, “it’s what I LOVE!”

That said, when I host a dinner party I really do try and come up with dishes that can be made in advance. Oven-roasting whole fish marries ease of preparation with a stunning meal! Plus it checks off so many of the “athena swoon~worthy” boxes of approval.

Impressive presentation….check.

Advance prep.…check.

Healthy meal.…check.

Super yummy.…double check!

The best part is the versatility….stuff your fish cavity with any citrus & herbs you have on hand….you can’t go wrong.  I stuffed my red snapper with lemon, orange, fennel, shallots, garlic, & fresh thyme.  Ridiculously flavorful and moist since the skin protects the delicate flesh & keep it juicy.  I chose to serve the fish along side roasted fennel drenched in olive oil, orange juice, rind, a subtle kick of heat, & finished with tossed orange segments. A grain like bulgur or quinoa pairs so well with this meal as it absorbs all the bright juices….delish!  

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