Found: 19 Affordable Artworks Under $500 to Elevate Your Space

The journey towards creating a space you love is never a linear path. There will be moments of doubt and frustration fused with joy and elation as you distill your style and source the “perfect” pieces to visually tell your story. One of the most transformative ways to weave your narrative into a room is through art. There’s nothing quite like the power of a painting, sketch, or photography to really bring a space to life, adding that much-needed depth, heart, and soul. 

But the handmade nature of artwork often means it’s on the pricier side and budgets aren’t always accommodating. Right? Well, we’re here to tell you that beautiful art doesn’t always have to cost you. You can find incredible emerging artists on Instagram, Etsy, Chairish, Tappan, or Saatchi if you’re willing to search for them—as always, the thrill is in the hunt! 

So, we went down the creative rabbit hole online to find the best affordable art pieces under $500 to elevate your space without breaking your budget. You’re welcome!

Caroline Adrienne

Layers of textured acrylic paint in cool and warm tones of beige, cream, and white will bring depth and soul to any room.

Michelle Andrea Art Black Abstract Art

This original piece is created by Michelle in her studio in Calgary, Canada which means the painting you order won't be 100% identical to this one pictured but that's the joy in ordering custom. It also comes unstretched and unframed so you can decide how you want to display it on the wall when it arrives.

Douglas Diaz Acrylic, Pencil, Oil Pastel on Paper

I was first introduced to Douglas' work on Instagram via my friend and interior designer, Julie Van Daele during the early stages of quarantine. When lockdown hit the island, Douglas kicked off a series of Quarantine Daily Drawings that he signed and stamped with that date, then sold via Instagram DM for $200 each. I bought one on my birthday and had it framed as a beautiful reminder of this challenging but meaningful time. He just launched the series again on the anniversary of the Bali lockdown where he is posting two drawings a day. My advice? Turn on post notifications because these sell out fast!

Kimberly George Art Original Abstract Wall Art

This abstract sculpture on canvas is handmade using plaster in a smoky white to bring that 3D texture to any space. And at $50 the price can't be beat.

Grace N Jean

Clearly, we have a thing for plaster over at EyeSwoon HQ and we're positively swooning over this design created with earth pigments.

Jeff Kraus

Created during lockdown while at his parent's home in Northern Michigan, Jeff Kraus drew inspiration from nature—the summer grass, the stillness, and the lake in front of him. This abstract depiction brings that energy home.

Michael DeSutter

Who remembers cutting out magazines and collaging them in middle school? I certainly do and have been obsessed with beautiful collages ever since. This one is so beautifully done—it looks like a vintage film photograph.

Wendy Jia Art Modern Abstract Painting

Abstract shapes fused with blurred lines and mixed media make this contemporary artwork a must-have at home.

Maru Jensen

Acrylic, canvas, fabric, and plaster join forces to create this one-of-a-kind artwork. In another piece created during lockdown, the artist was inspired by the bedsheets, masks, and blankets that we used to cover ourselves. This work explores "how fabrics are now more intimately connected to our own skin separating us from other bodies." Beautiful.

Alyssa Hamilton Art Relief [1] Abstract Print

Buying a print on canvas is a great affordable way to feature art at home.

Scott Bergey

Rich in texture and layered media, this painting will be perfect for a bedroom to evoke a serene space.

Jonathan David Lange

This abstract mixed media on paper is a meditation on ideation and thinking or lack of!

Bonhava Art Studio Beige and Black Textured Painting

This simple acrylic and oil painting will bring texture and dimension home.

Marble Wish Large Abstract White Painting

This white textured painting comes in a range of sizes from 24" to 80" so you can add that much-needed visual language to a space.

Modern Abstract Mixed Media Framed Art No. 3

Defined by the integration of twine, this abstract piece offers visual depth and intrigue.

Jordan Samuels Contemporary Black Painting

It looks flat from the front but from the side it has sculptural detailing that creates a visual language for individual interpretation.

Static #108 Framed Painting

This one-of-one painting is inspired by color and patterns found in nature. Each stroke seamlessly blends into the next on heavy stock parchment. Now, this is how you bring color into a room.

Jordan Samuels Contemporary Minimalist White Abstract Textural Painting

This minimalist painting has texture all the way to the outside to create a sculptural edge. It also comes wired and ready to hang.

Michelle Andrea Art

This one is on the higher side at $501 but it's such a beautiful piece and in our opinion, art is always a worthy investment. It has the power to truly transform a room.

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