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Amagansett Eclecticism

Amagansett Eclecticism
A mix of oddities


This particular corner of my Amagansett home is an odd gathering of my favorite things. An accumulation of vintage finds that evoke an eclectic and layered composition. When I purchased this home I obsessively scoured flea markets, antique fairs and industrial online destinations, I simply began to collect items that that told an unknown story. I really had no idea where each would ultimately land but the day our renovation was completed items magically fell into place. The 1930’s button factory cabinet hosts both a old world charm and a sense of curiosity [jivan continually opens each drawer to find a hidden trinket], the creepy old photo is shockingly not a family member, it was the textured frame that really grasped my attention but overall the portrait adds a sense of intrigue to the space, and the mid century Danish brass candle sconces add a touch of refined elegance – balancing out the assemblage #ROOMSWOON

Photograph by Nicole Franzen

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