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April Food & Cultural Happenings

  1. Brooklyn’s own FOOD BOOK FAIR, is back and better than ever. This swoon-fest of a fair, is truly one of a kind – combining the contemporary world of food and writing. From April 10th-12th, the foodie community comes together to indulge in some delicious bites while the influential perspectives of chef’s, authors, and editors, are shared at Williamsburg’s Wythe Hotel!

  2. Björk has been one of my favorite artists for well over a decade. Her continued ability to remain creatively daring and musically innovative is truly uncanny. The MoMa is currently presenting a retrospective exhibition on her career through music, visuals, instruments, film, costumes, and more! It’s an absolute must see, and it’s open until June 7th!

  3. I’ve always found myself swooning over Jackson Pollock’s abstract and vibrant art. But this incredible American artist’s paintings are not the only undeniably unique part him… In DINNER WITH JACKSON POLLOCK, author, Robyn Lea opens our eyes to Pollock in a whole new light. He was also a baker, gardener, and a host of many dinner parties. I can’t wait to add this absolutely swoon-worthy book to my stack!

  4. The Brooklyn Museum’s latest exhibit, BASQUIAT: THE UNKNOWN NOTEBOOKS, reveals the inspiration behind the artist. Jean-Michel Basquiat filled numerous paintings with beauty, but he also filled numerous notebooks with poetry, sketches, and his personal perspective on pop culture. These rarely seen notebooks are on display from April 3rd until August 23rd!

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