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Art Week Must See’s by Karen Robinovitz

  1. I might humbly collect art solely guided by aesthetics but my manager, Karen Robinovitz of DBA, eats, lives and breathes ART!  She spends the entirety of her Saturday afternoons perusing each and every gallery show and opening, capturing all that she swoons oh-so brilliantly on her art inspired Instagam account.  I turn to her refined eye for advice often and this week she guides us all – recapping some of the cities best and current exhibitions.

    Sean Scully at Cheim & Reid – The richly layered stripe paintings evoke a feeling of movement and the deep palettes of all eight paintings are moodily beautiful. On the surface, the delicate dance of colors and curves of the brushstrokes evoke an almost lyrical sensibility though the artist admits the work comes from a dark place, memories of traumas, both emotional and physical.

  2. John Chamberlain and Jean Prouvé at Gagosian 24th St. – Two revered metal masters in one space is almost too much to handle. The dialog between Chamberlain’s explosive car part sculptures – with their undulating gestures and pops of color – and Prové’s engineered minimalist pre-fab homes, fully erected in the gallery, is one of epic history.
  3. Julia Dault at Marianne Boesky Chelsea – Julia Dault’s abstract paintings and sculptures are graphically delicious but their playful nature belies the rigor of the artist’s practice. Exploring the repetition of patterns, Dault often forgoes the paint brush for combs, sponges and foam. And the sculptures – always assembled on the premises and named for the length of time she spent building to completion. The show is immersive – painted walls, enormous mirrored wall, reflective surfaces, and color good enough to eat. 
  4. Kazuo Shiraga at Mnuchin Gallery  – There is a movement in the resurgence of the Gutai school of artists who were known for performative, super physical processes of creation in 1950s Japan. It was a reaction to war time militarism and what came out of it were some of the most beautiful and historical works in art history. One of the prominent talents of that era, Kazuo Shiraga, has a show of large scale pieces bursting with reds, blues, purples, all painted with his bare feet. You can feel the movement in the paint strokes, the deep textures and layers of fluid colors that explode on the canvases. Plus, the Mnuchin Gallery is the most gorgeous setting – moldings as delicious as icing, high ceilings, curvaceous walls. A must.
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