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Bittersweet Easter Treats

Easter is just around the corner, and thoughts of family traditions, meals, and memories come flooding in as the days get warmer, and the light lingers longer. One memory that always sticks out, are all those chocolate treats. Typically found in shapes of Easter bunnies or Easter eggs; the shelves are over flowing with them this time of year. While those chocolate molds, and marshmallow fillings are nostalgic of Easter’s past, this year we’ve decided to take a new approach to this seasons sweet provision.

  1. Cacao Prieto From bean to bar, owner Daniel Prieto and his his family have a long history in cacao and sugar cane farming that spans the past 100 years. All of the chocolate is produced and finessed right here in Brooklyn, you can even take tours of the factory, and see these delicious confections come to life. Try this dark chocolate with a hint of sweet vanilla and fruity cassis.

  2. Mast Brothers has an undeniable reputation for excellent chocolate. From bean to bar, made my hand in Brooklyn these bars, are not only pleasing on the palate but easy on the eyes. Choose a flavor and design to excite your senses!

  3. Mariebelle Chocolate is handmade in Brooklyn from expert artisanal chocolate makers. Using only the highest quality ingredients sourced from around the world, the flavors in Mariebelle’s chocolates are complex yet essential. Gift this one for your girl on the go, or the coffee lover in your life.

  4. Raaka Chocolate is handmade in Red Hook, Brooklyn through sustainable practices that are creating a more equitable global community. Raaka works closely with farms around the globe, as well as the local community giving back through programs like Edible School Yard. This mint and nibs in dark chocolate is a sweet reminder that Spring is on its way.

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Jenna Saraco

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