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The BASICS: 48 Bedroom Essentials to Create the Dreamiest Space

Words by Sacha Strebe.
Curation by Jordan Mostel.

If there’s one style mantra we have on repeat at EyeSwoon HQ it’s “elevate the everyday.” Because really, why not? From the laundry room to your kitchen shelves, and even the tiny parlor bathroom, every single surface, object, and wall of your home should feel special. Of course, it does take a little reimagining but where there’s a will there’s a way—and in our minds, even the most functional items should be worthy of display. From vintage ceramic vessels that double as utensil holders in the kitchen to marble toilet brush holders that put the pretty in practical, we’re on a mission to make the mundane meaningful with our series, The BASICS. Beauty with utility? Yes, please!

The BASICS: 48 Bedroom Essentials to Create the Dreamiest Space

It’s not surprising that the kitchen and the master bathroom add the most value to your home, and we wouldn’t argue with that analysis, but on a personal level, nothing beats the bedroom. It’s quite possibly one of the most underrated spaces in any home—probably because guests rarely see it when they visit—but getting the design right here is critical if you care about prioritizing rest, self-care rituals, and sleep! And after two years in a pandemic, that’s something we all want to perfect! So, in a bid to help elevate your boudoir from just a bed in a room to a slumberful sanctuary, we curated the ultimate list of bedroom essentials.

The BASICS: 48 Bedroom Essentials to Create the Dreamiest Space

But first, a couple of bedroom design tips to get started…

Approach the design as a work in progress

Design is an amalgamation of so many things, and mistakes, to get it “right”—it’s never as easy as it seems so don’t force it. Take your time, add and extract along the way, be open to changing your mind, and backtracking if the direction you took isn’t what you envisioned. Athena had several mishaps during the design of her Brooklyn bedroom. One example is the ceiling. It was repainted to match the walls months after they moved in to make the room feel more cohesive but then she decided to change the crown molding (yup, after she redid the ceiling) because the initial profile that was spec’d was far too diminutive. But this is a space you will be spending a lot of time in, so it has to be right.

Set the mood with color and texture

When approaching the design of a bedroom, allow color and texture to speak for you, designating places of calm, and highlighting ecstatic moments. Athena’s bedroom envelops you in serenity with its neutral palette but she strategically placed a duo of vibrant colors—the warm mustard hue from the chair and the wine-red bench—to focus your attention and create that contrast we all crave. It’s all about crafting an intriguing dialogue between each piece so that eventually, the room sings in harmony.

Mix, match, and curate pieces that add sentimentality

There is beauty all around you so like a bower bird, let your eye gravitate to the pieces the set your heart on fire—even if it isn’t the latest trend! The bedroom is highly personal so it has to speak to you (and your partner, hehe!). Athena paired a torn charcoal drawing found at a yard sale with an extra piece of tattered fabric and draped it from a nail. Then she put an Etsy rattan shade on a French ceramic lamp. She notes: “Design is what you make of it and beauty can be found in the most unassuming of places.” Hear, hear!

And above all follow these three global design tenants

Break up the symmetry by styling pieces of varying heights throughout the room to let the eye dance; mix different surface types to create tension between the slick and the rough; don’t be afraid to take a risk; and always trust your instincts!

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