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Dining Chairs That Elevate Every At-Home Meal & Gathering

Words by Sacha Strebe.

Dining Chairs That Elevate Every At-Home Meal & Gathering
Dining Chairs That Elevate Every At-Home Meal & Gathering

For us, the dining table is all about connection: connection to food, connection to beauty, connection to gratitude, and connection to one another. We come to the table to gather, to let our guard down, and to open our hearts as we laugh and nosh into the late hours as the candle wax drips and red wine rings stain the tablecloth. Those lingering moments are what we love most about hosting. Well, that… and the opportunity to revel in the cornucopia of pleasures the season allows. All of these things coexist in beautiful harmony like poetry in motion. But it all starts with the environment around you. So today, we’re sharing some of the best dining chairs to elevate your at-home meals and gatherings.

But before we do, here’s a few tablescape tenets to help you create a beautiful setting:

Break up the visual plane

Style a table as you would a room using scale and verticality to create visual cues that intrigue the eye and break up the monotony.

Serve buffet style

Serving your meal a little more casual can still be beautiful and elevated. Set up an abundant self-serve station with cutlery, plates, and anything else your guests will need to serve themselves, then mingle about as they nosh.

Look to nature

Head outdoors and snip your favorite “something”—a leaf, a pine branch, a dried pod, a herb—to use on the table in a vessel or as garnishes for plating. Use whatever you can find in the home (twine, old ribbon, oranges, pomegranates) and get crafty with what you discovered both in nature and indoors.

Food can be décor, too

Let the food and the seasons guide you from the palette to the décor. Fruits and vegetables from the market simply placed on the table or spilling from bowls can make an elegant impact.

Dining Chairs That Elevate Every At-Home Meal & Gathering
Victoria Hely-Hutchinson
Victoria Hely-Hutchinson
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