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Stylish Floor Lamps to Light Up Your Space

Words by Sacha Strebe. Curation by Madeline Spates.

From that spontaneous burst of inspiration to the moment you place the last decorative object in a room, the beauty is always in the process. Your home tells a story and there is so much magic in the meaning behind each piece you choose, reflecting your past while holding the future. There is a line in Athena Calderone’s book Live Beautiful that sums this up perfectly: “The items we choose to surround ourselves with are profoundly intimate. We collect what resonates with us without always knowing where it may eventually land, but each object holds such power in the greater universe of our inimitable home.” It’s why we take something as simple as curating a list of the best floor lamps so seriously. Our unrelenting curiosity sends us on sleuthing escapades down resale site rabbit holes, online auctions, and Instagram vintage stores until the early hours until we eventually find “the one.” We let our eyes dictate the next move and who knows where that could take us next. All we know is, we’re more than ready for the adventure.

We also know that not everyone has the luxury of time, so we put our curatorial hats on to compile a few of the best floor lamps we could find online from vintage to new. We hope they light up your life just as much as they brighten your dimly lit corner!

Stylish Floor Lamps to Light Up Your Space
Stylish Floor Lamps to Light Up Your Space
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