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Decorative Touches to Welcome the New Season Home

Words by Sacha Strebe.

Every year, as the air teeters from warm to crisp, all the familiar autumn memories come flooding back. There is nothing quite like that cool change after summer’s searing heat. The shifting seasons are also a time of endless creativity. As Mother Nature transitions around us, we experience our own metamorphosis both physically and emotionally from the way we eat to the clothes we wear, and the spaces we live in. It’s no secret that we enjoy styling and restyling, arranging, and rearranging our homes. In fact, there is nothing we love more than applying a new lens to an old formula and exploring a space with a fresh perspective. But sometimes inspiration just doesn’t come and oftentimes we too get trapped in a formulaic styling rut—and we know we’re not alone in that sentiment. So, today we’re sharing some simple fall decorating tips to help you welcome the season home in style.

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Decorative Touches to Welcome the New Season Home
Decorative Touches to Welcome the New Season Home

Simple Fall Decorating Tips to Usher in the Season

  • Bring the outdoors in
    The onset of a new season is always a magical time and the best way to usher in some of that enchantment is by bringing it inside. Go foraging in your backyard, secateurs in hand, and hunt down unique stems and twigs for your vases to showcase fall’s beauty at home. If you’re not sure where to start, you can follow my tips on how to turn branches into sculptural arrangements.
  • Create fall-inspired vignettes
    Rearrange your space with simple decorative touches that speak to each season. Take a look at the vignettes around your home and see how you can swap out a vase or decorative object, add books or candles to set the mood. A general tip when creating any vignette is to make sure you have a center of interest that anchors the arrangement. This draws in the eye, creating intrigue, and a desire to linger, beckoning it to continue its visual exploration. Verticality is also key. When something is too flat, the eye doesn’t feel compelled to dance around—it can feel very one note to the viewer. This is where your sculptural branches come into play. They immediately offer that verticality making it generally more appealing, memorable and satisfying to the eye.
  • Introduce a moodier color palette
    Embrace the cool change by swapping out some of summer’s lighter shades for dark and sultry tones that envelop you in fall’s coziness. Look around your home to see what pieces you already have—throw pillows, candles, blankets, vases, and vessels—to help you create a fall-inspired composition.
Decorative Touches to Welcome the New Season Home
Decorative Touches to Welcome the New Season Home

This is the time to create beautiful and intimate moments and memories at home. The journey there is up to you. This is your personal story. So play around and have fun until the room sings and hums with vitality that’s all your own.

Decorative Touches to Welcome the New Season Home
Decorative Touches to Welcome the New Season Home
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