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39 Side Tables to Elevate Your Decorative Treasures

Words by Sacha Strebe.

Curation by Jordana Mostel.

Adrian Gaut
Adrian Gaut
39 Side Tables to Elevate Your Decorative Treasures

Have an awkward corner you need to fill or a bedside that feels bare? There’s only one solution: side tables. From marble to terracotta or burl wood, there’s a material or surface style to suit every space—and we can’t get enough! While this humble accent table sits pretty solo, it’s also the perfect place to elevate our prized possessions—decorative objects, collectibles, and vintage oddities.

But our favorite role for this home décor hero is the plateau it provides for our vintage vessels with sculptural stems. Case in point, Athena Calderone’s Brooklyn home as demonstrated in the images above! As regulars of EyeSwoon will know, a few clippings, twigs, and branches in a vase are incredibly transformative and can make a space come alive, instantly.

Here are a few side table styling tips to get you started:

Less Is Always More

The surface of side tables is usually pretty limited so be specific about the pieces you want to display. Think about a theme—monochromatic, old-world, or modern—to ensure cohesion over clash.

Choose a Color Palette

When arranging stylish vignettes on a side table, consider the colors of each item. Start by choosing a tonal family for your color palette—neutrals, blues, or greens—and this will help inform the objects you group together.

Look to Nature

Add an element of greenery via stylish stems, clippings, or branches that will bring your side table arrangement to life while creating much-needed height variation and scale for visual interest.

If you’re on the hunt for the best side tables for your home, then keep scrolling to discover some of our favorites right now. We hope you find joy in the process. Happy decorating!

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