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The BASICS: 93 Kitchen Essentials That Honor Beauty and Utility

Words by Sacha Strebe.

If like us, your eye naturally gravitates toward beauty, then it comes as no surprise that everything your gaze touches should inspire, evoke, and enliven the senses. Every element of your surroundings, right down to the most practical of pieces, can be an opportunity for surprise and delight. It’s why Athena is such a proponent of open shelving and designing utilitarian spaces as you would any other room in the house. That means introducing artwork and decorative ceramic vessels among the kitchen essentials, tableware, and yes, even the soap dish.

But what if said soap dish was just as beautiful as those patinaed vases? Yes, it is possible to create an elevated space that doesn’t skimp on function. That was our challenge recently when we curated a list of home essentials that put the practical in pretty. In fact, this story was so popular with you all that we decided to create a new series: Introducing The Basics.

To kick things off, we’re sharing 93 kitchen essentials to elevate the heart of the home because we truly believe that your kitchen shelves and counters should serve as another tableau for beloved and functional objects, too. So go on, shop our kitchen essentials to curate a space that is both stylish and sensible.

The BASICS: 93 Kitchen Essentials That Honor Beauty and Utility

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