Bon Marche x The Webster

Bon Marche x The Webster

Each year, Parisians mark the end of the holiday season with an ultra swoonable collection of snowy white designer duds at France’s premier department store, Le Bon Marche. This year, “le mois du blanc,” has stepped it up a notch as Le Bon Marche partners with Miami’s The Webster for a unique and exclusive collection of crisp white pieces from top designers including fashion, accessories and home decor.

Bon Marche x The Webster
Bon Marche x The Webster

The custom wallpaper is both fun and whimsical – merging the two brands. The flamingo is THE WEBSTER logo – and he is seen on the famous BON MARCHE escalator designed by Andree Putman… a fun wink to both our stores!

Bon Marche x The Webster
Bon Marche x The Webster
Bon Marche x The Webster


with laure heriard dubreuil

To me, white is: CRISP, CHIC, ELEGANCE.

The significance of the wild flamingo wallpaper used throughout the campaign? It was a way to link the two stories, the flamingo is The Webster logo and he is seen on the famous Le Bon Marche escalator designed by Andree Putman… a fun wink to both our stores!

Paris and Miami are quite different – was there a greatest common denominator that emerged in the collection? Paris and Miami are definitely very different but in fashion, white is a staple that crosses cities, continents from Zanzibar to Paris to Miami or the Hamptons…white is universally chic. And our clientele is fully international and travels all over the world.

In creating this collection, was it a collaboration or a bit more carte blanche? We picked our favorites designers that are already carried at The Webster and Le Bon Marche – and yes they were given carte blanche (PUN INTENDED) to design a white piece…every house thought it was such a fun exercise and collaboration and we worked hand in hand throughout the creative process – the timing was the most difficult part as they had 4 months to create and produce the pieces…but we all made it happen!!

Any parameters outside of the obvious (white!)? Were you conscious of maintaining a balance? Yes definitely, we made sure to have somewhat of a balance but also it was very important that each brand’s DNA was well-represented by their white creation for this event.

Growing up in Paris, what were your memories of Le Miel du Mond? I don’t particularly remember that – but I grew up near Le Bon Marche – it taught me about fashion… and I have vivid memories of strolling around La Grande Epicerie which is a world heaven for foodies – with every country represented… from tapioca crepes from bresil to rare fruits, to sparkling waters from a “million” different sources…candies, anything. It was the precursor of what a foodie food store is. I love their pastry chef interpretation of our flamingo – so creative…fashion and food are very connected nowadays which is extremely nice and enriching.

Can you speak to the process of creating these fun and whimsical window displays in both Paris and Miami? The Bon Marche Visual Merchandising Team is amazing. They have worked on the concept for months… They really wanted to bring The Webster and Miami sunshine and good vibes to Rive Gauche during Couture in the middle of winter and the results is simply magical….

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