Cook Beautiful Seasonal Playlist

I have asked four of my favorite female D.J. friends, Mia Moretti, Hannah Bronfman, Harley Viera-Newton, and Chelsea Leyland to each curate an exclusive Cook Beautiful seasonal playlist — one for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Music has played such a significant role in my culinary journey that I could not imagine launching this book without a musical component. As I share in Cook Beautiful, I strive to create a feast for the senses every time I cook. The soundtrack in my kitchen is essential.

Nothing conjures up memories quite like music. I can distinctly recall the nights when Jivan was a newborn and would settle down to sleep. I would dive deep into discovery mode in the kitchen, pumping up the music and singing along to Stevie Wonder as I rolled out pastry dough.

Finally, just as the seasons dictate the ingredients and tablescapes in Cook Beautiful, so do they influence the music I yearn to hear when I’m in the kitchen or gathering for a meal. Hannah, Chelsea, Mia, and Harley — arguably four of N.Y.C.’s hottest D.J.s —  have helped me express the sounds of the seasons so you and I can cook to in accordance with the natural world. I love nothing more than to blur the lines between food, design, and music.

Let’s swoon (and dance) together in the kitchen!


SPRING PLAYLIST by Hannah Bronfman 

SUMMER PLAYLIST by Harley Viera-Newton

FALL PLAYLIST by Mia Moretti

WINTER PLAYLIST by Chelsea Leyland



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