APTCB2 mainI recently partnered with CB2 for a groundbreaking project: APTCB2.

CB2 commissioned five interior designers, including me, to create five beautiful rooms in a classic New York City loft. But here’s the kicker: we, the designers, did not have final say as to what pieces landed in each room. Instead, that was in your hands—using social media and thus including YOUR design sense—through Pinterest.

This was both thrilling—an exciting new platform!—and nerve-wracking —loss of creative control! We designers got to pre-select a number of contenders for the space, and you pinners would determine the final pieces; the most liked piece ultimately ended up in the room.

Eeek! How could I be certain each piece would play nicely with another? Would the various woods work with the other materials? Would the scale and proportion of all the items function together? What if I didn’t agree with the final combinations? Well, I had to have faith—and do some serious legwork beforehand. I carefully chose items that, no matter which were selected, would express my vision and weave seamlessly with the other pieces to tell a cohesive story.

My assigned room was the bedroom. I started by creating a mood board on Pinterest to share the vibe I envisioned. Initially inspired by a Shibori dyed throw, I began with a palette of indigo. The varying blues bleeding into one another reminded me of the intersection of the churning ocean and the stormy sky—and these dreamy tones felt perfect for a loft space.

This led me to desiring a statement wall. I chose to paint the wall behind the bed in an indigo-inspired tone—anchoring a swoon-worthy palette of blues, grays, and whites, warmed by natural wood tones. I added clean-lined CB2 furnishings, and for the bed I desired a luxurious, layered look and brought in Eskayel’s throw pillows and Upstate’s pink dip dyed pillows & shibori throw – adding a pop of color. I also wanted to inject a touch of my own personality. I have a serious love for Moroccan rugs, so I included one, as well as a few eclectic vintage oddities, like an industrial bench, a vintage scale, and an antique aged brass magnifying glass, to add a burnished patina. Lastly, I called on a friend, artist Mary Nelson Sinclear, who graciously created a custom painting for the room in my desired palette. This beautiful piece tied everything together!

Game day was crazy-exciting and über intense. The entire process happened in real time on Pinterest, over 12 hours. Each piece of furniture or object that I pre-selected was put on Pinterest at the beginning of the hour, and whichever got the most likes at the end of that hour was placed in the room. This meant we were hanging art and mirrors, building shelves and a bed, and styling at lightning speed—all while communicating in a frenzy with the pinners, which is what made this endeavor so exciting. I loved hearing what people liked and what they wanted more of, sharing and responding to questions, and letting people know that color was on its way!

At the ninth hour I hit a wall of exhaustion; my poor feet wanted out (it probably was unwise to wear heels for this 14-hour marathon). We also had a design snag and had to renegotiate the space when I realized the round mirror was—yikes!—reflecting directly into the cameras. I know it sounds silly, but the whole balance of the room had to be rethought – sometimes you’ve got to roll with it.

When I signed on for this project, I didn’t know what to expect, or how my room would turn out. But honestly, I could not have been happier with the evolution and the outcome. I loved the journey of the unknown —sometimes when you work within constraints, it forces you to be more creative. The APTCB2 bedroom 100% expresses my original vision; it touches on all the things I seek out when I’m designing a space. It feels cohesive; it feels swoon-worthy. What do you think of it? Check out the entire time lapse process here!

Main image above courtesy of Genevieve Garruppo for Lonny Magazine



Isa Arfen Dress

Isa Arfen Dress

Sonoran Eyelet Crop Top

Tibi Eyelet Crop Top

Hive - Waterstone Pillow

Eskayel – Waterstone Pillow

Proenza Schouler Sandals

Proenza Schouler Sandals

UPSTATE Beach Towel

UPSTATE Beach Towel

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