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Naruse Inokuma Architects | Plywood Fever | EyeSwoon

A once-unassuming material is steadily becoming a swoon-worthy trend in the world of interior design. That humble substance is plywood, a sheet manufactured from layers of wood, glued together. Durable and often less expensive than its solid wood counterparts, the unexpected element is being used for as little as accents to as much as entire walls and cabinets in everything from items to houses to retail spaces.

Yes, that same substance once relegated to garage shelving in many people’s minds is now the stuff of dream homes — and we’re obsessed with the look. Plywood just seems to lend a light, airy, fresh-faced feel to anything it touches. A design solution that’s relatively cheap and swooningly chic isn’t always easy come by, but when you do, it’s definitely something to rally around!

Above: Plywood shelves make a simple canvas for stunning ceramics in a Tokyo kitchen designed by Naruse-Inokuma Architects.

Ditte Isager | Plywood | EyeSwoon
Ditte Isager | Plywood | EyeSwoon

Above, left and right: These two spaces are NOT actually outfitted in plywood, they’re made of solid Douglas, sourced from Danish wood supplier Dinesen. But we wanted to include since they’re massive ply-spiration for us — we think plywood could be used to achieve a similar look. The rooms are from the new home of insanely-talented photographer Ditte Isager (also here). It comes as no surprise her space is just as swoon-worthy as the images she captures.

Above: This hint of plywood may look familiar — it’s from our Swooners’ Guide to Hosting Guests.

Atrium House - Ignant | Plywood | EyeSwoon
Plywood | EyeSwoon

Above, left: Oh, how we love a sparse, minimal plywood room! This nook via Ignant has us wanting to jump right in.

Above, right: Black, white, pale tones and plywood — it’s a recipe for pared-down sophistication via The District Six Store.

Above: This space designed by Johannes Norlander Arkitektur, found via ArchDaily, proves a room clad almost completely in plywood — from its walls, to its beams, to its shelving — can be beautifully striking.

Plywood | EyeSwoon
Plywood | EyeSwoon

Above, left: A great tone-on-tone idea via Intervall — add pops of cork to a plywood room.

Above, right: Simple compositions are often swooniest. We’re loving the idea of entirely-plywood storage cabinets thanks to this inspiration via Assembly Studio.

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