Clean + Pristine…A Bathroom Facelift

Photography by Sarah Elliott

Ok, so everyone can thank me later for this one…have you all heard of bathroom reglazing and tile refinishing? Well, I had not. I discovered it out of desperation when I temporarily moved into a small apartment within my recently-purchased townhouse. I caught a glimpse of the scuzzy powder blue, time-worn, stained bathroom tile and tub and I nearly went running for the rafters. I know I sound like a prima donna, but I could not imagine cleansing myself daily in such a nasty environment.

Enter the obsessive, problem-solving side of my personality. So many people reglaze a tub to bring it back to its glistening glory, but you can also reglaze an entire tiled bathroom, which is exactly what I did. It went from gritty and grubby to clean and pristine for $800 and was completed in one day! With the purchase of a white Ikea cabinet and vanity mirror, all for under $200 — this lady can now scrub-a-dub-dub in my newly-finished tub! Here is a little blurb to learn more!

From GRITTY & GRUBBY.......
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