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Color Craze: Blush

By Natalie Goel

One of our favorite here-there-and-everywhere hues of the moment is blush pink. The soft, sophisticated shade has been slowly but surely popping up all over the place — on walls, in fashion, in tabletop decor and at home — and if we do say so ourselves, it sure is chic! Unlike the uber-girly overtones of the past, many of the current iterations of the nearly-nude shade are restrained, sweet and even a little edgy. Click on the see the swoony color in action, along with 10 items that are making us think pink.

Color Craze: Blush| EyeSwoon
Elisabetta Rizzato | Color Craze: Blush | EyeSwoon
The Design Chaser | Color Craze: Blush | EyeSwoon

Icy blush isn’t just for items. Walls clad in the color also make a stunning statement.

Image via The Design Chaser
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Yvonne Kone Boutique in Copenhagen | Color Craze: Blush | EyeSwoon

Such a striking boutique! Blush makes a gorgeous backdrop for sleek black accessories.

Image via Remodelista

Ryan Roche Fall 2016 | EyeSwoon

Yes, the blush tone trend certainly extends to fashion, too. This romantic and so-soft Ryan Roche ensemble is beyond dreamy.

Image via Vogue

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