5 swoon worthy things: Could I Have That: Samantha Wennerstrom

Could I Have That: Samantha Wennerstrom

By Natalie Goel

It isn’t always easy to find outfit inspiration that feels elevated and exciting, yet also practical enough to wear on a day-to-day basis. If you’re on the lookout, we suggest spending some serious time on Could I Have That, the fashion and lifestyle blog of born-and-bred Santa Barbara, California resident Samantha Wennerstrom. No matter the trend du jour, Samantha has consistently delivered pared-down Cali-cool style since starting the site in 2009. As we discovered from seeing glimpses of her abode, including the sweet nursery she designed for her little one Elin Mae, Samantha’s taste in home decor shares the same elegant simplicity as her personal style. A look at her current home obsessions and taste of her dreamy, sunshine-soaked Southern Californian aesthetic is just the winter pick-me-up we’ve been craving.

Could I Have That: Samantha Wennerstrom

NAME: Samantha Wennerstrom

PROFESSION: Fashion and lifestyle blogger

HOME BASE: Santa Barbara

ENDLESSLY OBSESSED WITH… The beach and its color palette.

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: Comfort and personality hold the most importance to me in a home. I love when different elements tell a story and fill the space with life. Collected pieces from travels, unexpected combinations and worn-in, cozy couches feel like home.

YOUR AESTHETIC IN 3 WORDS: Light, airy and natural.

HOW YOU CAME TO DO WHAT YOU DO: I was working in the publishing business and started a blog on the side, which housed all the things I was dreaming about—home, fashion, food, travel and more. When people actually started commenting I began taking it more seriously and two years later it became my full-time job.

HOW IS YOUR INTERIOR STYLE SIMILAR TO OR DIFFERENT FROM YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? I love a soft and natural color palette. It’s definitely reflected throughout my wardrobe too!

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Could I Have That: Samantha Wennerstrom

TOP CITIES FOR INTERIOR DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE? Santa Barbara—I’m constantly inspired by my own hometown—and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I took a trip there once and fell in love with the vibe and colors.

HAS YOUR INTERIOR STYLE CHANGED SINCE YOU’VE HAD ELIN MAE? No not much! We never sacrificed our style for fear of mashed blueberries and still have white couches in our living room—just extra stain remover waiting in the wings. I do love all shades of pink a little more now thanks to her.

DESIGN TREND YOU LOVE? Mixing textiles and textures.


LAST INTERIOR PROJECT YOU TOOK ON: Redecorating our bedroom with Z Gallerie.

WHAT YOU LEARNED FROM IT: Measurements are crucial.

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Could I Have That: Samantha Wennerstrom



HOW AND WHERE YOU SHOP FOR THE HOME: Everywhere! I love finding things while traveling because it will always remind me of that trip or place. I spend a lot of time on the internet so 1stdibs, ABC Home, Restoration Hardware and Anthropologie are some favorite stops.

RETAIL STORES WITH THE BEST INTERIOR DESIGN? I love shopping at Diani Living and Upstairs at Pierre Lafond in Santa Barbara. They’re two gems that constantly inspire me.

DO YOU HAVE ANY DESIGN ICONS? Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors, Sarah Sherman Samuel, Caitlin Flemming and Athena Calderone.

WHAT INSPIRES YOUR WORK MOST? Traveling clears my mind and triggers new ideas. Every time I step outside my usual surroundings it’s like pressing the refresh button.

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Could I Have That: Samantha Wennerstrom
  1. Clam Lab Ceramic Bowls: “I’ve been really into this dusty shade of pink lately.”

  2. Will Adler Print: “I grew up on the beaches in Santa Barbara with Will so it’s really amazing to see his career blossom. I’m currently saving up for one of his prints.”

  3. Blu Dot Toro Lounge Chair: “I’ve always had the philosophy to buy less and spend more when it comes to well-made things. Chairs should stick around for a while. I love this one because it looks like you can just sink right in with a good book.”

  4. Glass Cyclops Vase: “This vase lends itself to every season. I could even see it filled with sea glass.”

  5. Ethnicraft Oak Side Table: “I’m always drawn to this natural oak wood. It’s a versatile neutral that can warm up a room.”

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