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Dark and Stormy Kitchens

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When it comes to kitchens, most people’s aesthetic is geared toward light and bright. It’s a pretty classic look that can go in a million different directions. Not too long ago, this aesthetic was par for the course, as we only had few options for our faucets, hardware, and especially our large and small appliances — stainless, chrome or brushed nickel.

Gone are the days when your only kitchen finishes were one-noted, shiny silver — suddenly an entire slew of sultry and stylish finishes have burst onto the scene. From brass and bronze to matte black finishes for everything from flatware to decor, and even appliance suites, these hues have given new life to the kitchen. The possibilities are endless. To compliment these new and exciting finishes and to really command attention surrounding this current color craze — a dark and stormy kitchen is the way to go. Moody palettes of matte black, graphite grey, and inky blues in the kitchen are sexy, sensual, and completely nuanced.

In an intriguing act of rebellion, JennAir sought out to redefine luxury and expand what’s possible in the kitchen with provocative designs and alluring dark hues with their new appliance suites. I recently went to Los Angeles for the WestEdge Design Fair to experience the latest from JennAir and I am completely in awe of their new appliance suites, NOIR and RISE. There is a distinct sensuality and thoughtfulness to the NOIR suite that I have never seen before in an appliance. The craftsmanship of the RISE range is beyond impressive, with limitless options for customization. Shedding the old expectations of luxury, NOIR and RISE suites are unshackled and unrestricted, in a category purely on their own — and that is what I love about them.

This week on the 10 Essentials, I am highlighting my favorite moody culinary must-haves. There are matte black serving dishes and flatware, gauzy linens, hand carved wooden boards, and sleek, rebellious appliances for you to peruse. Set the mood and shop my curation of sexy kitchen noir staples below.

Dark and Stormy Kitchens

Back to Black

Textural Twill

Silk & Willow Organic Handloom Tight Weave Table Runner

This twill table runner from my go-to source for linens, Silk & Willow, is a raw textural component for a sleek, bold, moody kitchen and dining area.


JennAir Rise™ Oven Range

The pièce de résistance of any kitchen — the JennAir RISE Oven Range is a work of art. With sealed brass burners and stunning mixed metals, this oven is made for both the chef and the aesthetically-inclined.

Matte Flatware

West Elm Matte black Flatware Set

Each piece of flatware from this West Elm collection is crafted from stainless steel and finished with a sultry matte black varnish. Because of this custom finish, every fork, knife, and spoon, is a tad different from one another.

Black & Brass

Brizo Matte Black and Luxe Gold Pull-Down Faucet

There is something so deeply satisfying about the combination matte black and brass. This elegant arc faucet from Brizo, with contrasting textures and sultry finishes, is a great addition to your kitchen’s moody palette.  

Bold Black

Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. Cutting Board

Hand carved from naturally aged wood, these stunning black-finished boards from Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. are the perfect accoutrement in a dark and stormy kitchen.

Black Out

JennAir Obsidian Column Refrigeration

Simply put, this refrigerator shocked me. I have never seen anything like the JennAir Obsidian Column Refrigerator. Beyond sleek, this all black appliance is integrated with smart technology and is customizable to your every whim. Truly, anything but ordinary.

Sultry Serving

CB2 Crisp Matte Black Dinnerware

These handmade modern stoneware dinnerware pieces with a matte black glaze expertly compliment a bold, dark kitchen. Plate hearty dishes or vibrant desserts on these deep black sets from CB2.

Mix It Up

KitchenAid Matte Black Mixer

Every good home chef needs a KitchenAid, let yours make a bold statement. A handy appliance like this, in a deep shade of matte black, will be used again and again in any kitchen.


Set The Mood

Apparatus Tassel Chandelier

Moody lighting is key in this dreamy kitchen. Apparatus tassel lights brings a sense of warmth to the space, all while ensconced in an ultra-modern, brass dome.

Eternally Chic

Monochrome Home

Hilary Robertson’s Monochrome Home is a book worthy of displaying in its own right, but is also an incredibly helpful source in expertly executing a black and white aesthetic.

Brewing Bold

JennAir Coffee Milk Frother 

Embolden your morning cup of coffee and upgrade your kitchen with the JennAir Coffee milk frother from their NOIR collection.



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