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I suppose you can say I am a darling of the dark and decadent. I am continually drawn to products that marry function with elevated design in the kitchen and beyond.  These particular black beauties command my attention and are certifiably swoonified!

  1. Staub Mini Round Cocotte
    Serving a timeless and rather rustic veggie puree in a cast iron black and brass vessel without a doubt elevates the overall experience of your soup.

  2. Anthropologie Neona Flatware
    And delicate matte black flatware is just ridiculously chic to serve at any one of your holiday parties….

  3. Max Poglia Knife
    Max Poglia’s hand forged knives evoke beauty and style with unique materials like wood, bone and brass. They embody refinement and craftsmanship as no two knives are the same.

  4. Roe Caviar
    And finally what on earth is more decadent than caviar? To amp up that indulgent experience Roe Cavier has packaged their sustainably farmed sturgeon roe in an exquisite wooden box making it a ridiculously chic holiday extravagance + gift.

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Living Swoon Radar:

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Living Swoon Radar:

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Living Swoon Radar:

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