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  1. Guaranteed to swoon all lovers of decor and food!  The recently opened, THE HEYWARD, is distinctly Brooklyn with its tin clad ceiling and carefully crafted millwork…but with a culinary twist – a Southern Atlantic twist to be specific. The grub is refreshingly unique, refined and Oh-So-Swoony.  Chef Derek Orrell, a Locanda Verde vet, prepares a sea-inspired menu with everything from decadently creamy shrimp and grits to a chilled lobster salad, all prepared in an open kitchen that serves double duty as a custom curved chef’s counter and raw bar! Brought to you by two of the creators of Hudson Clearwater, Christopher Brandon and Matthew Hechter, and one of my oldest friends in NYC, Che Stipanovich.

  2. A Mexican taco bar with an Asian twist…ummmm, yes please!  In the short few weeks that Tijauna Picnic has been open I have already frequented this casual LES taqueria a handful of times – yes I am a creature of habit.  Jean Marc Houmard, Huy Chi Le and Jon Neidich of Indochine and Acme have curated an innovative menu that is unique and perfect for sharing –  Antojitos “little bites”, Empezat “to begin”, Pinchos “skewers,” Taco’s and larger plates. Standout dishes include the full flavored pork chop marinated in coconut milk (the perfect marriage of asia  & mexico), the veggie tacos and the duck empanadas. Pure perfection.

  3. El Rey has been on my radar since they announced their opening several months back – I never quite understood why NYC has not jumped on LA’s veggie & grain bowl – it’s just soooo delish and uber healthy.  El Rey is the  heath driven East coast answer I have been waiting for. Helmed by Nicholas Morgenstern and Head Chef Gerardo Gonzalez, the menu at El Rey features a balance of sweet, spicy and sour, with vegetables taking center stage in a new way.

  4. How do you make the dining experience healthier without altering the eating experience? Who says you can’t have super delish, full flavored food and be ridiculously healthy as you lap up each and every bite?  Well certainly not Chef David Standridge of the newly opened Cafe Clover.  A brilliant concept brought to you by David Rabin and Kyle Hotchkiss Carone – offering all the perks of dining out without any guilt.  I have eaten at Cafe Clover twice already and cooked with Chef David just this week (stay swooned for out feature as we create on of the star items on the menu, the ivory lentil risotto).  Other delectable dishes include the grilled octopus, whole roasted cauliflower and the celery root salad.

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Living Swoon Radar:

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