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Room Swoon: Shop My Brooklyn Entryway

An entryway is your initial moment to make your mark, setting the tone for the rest of your home, so make an entrance!

Perhaps the most underrated room in the house when it comes to prioritizing design is the entryway. And we totally understand why it is oft neglected—not all of us have the privilege of a grand entry like Athena—but this humble area has just as much, if not more, potential to set the tone of your home than any other space. 

So, today, we’re challenging you to reconsider your entry to bring a fresh perspective that not only brings you personal joy but evokes that “ahh” feeling whenever you step inside (even if it’s just from a trip to the grocery store). Perhaps that’s in the form of beautiful entryway décor—a primitive vessel with fresh branches or a decorative object that makes you smile. 

Room Swoon: Shop My Brooklyn Entryway
Room Swoon: Shop My Brooklyn Entryway

It’s in these small moments that we can truly elevate our everyday and make the mundane extraordinary. So keep this front of mind when designing your entry and tap into your innermost desires, write them down, then find pieces that visually tell that story. As Athena says, “an entryway is your initial moment to make your mark, setting the tone for the rest of your home. So, make an entrance!” We could’t agree more. 

Read on to shop all of the pieces from Athena’s entryway in her Brooklyn home, but as always, figure out what you love and what entryway décor works for your home because that’s how you cultivate joy. 

Hanging art in the entry always sets the tone for the rest of the home and says something about you, your style, and how you see the world without any words.

reSAWN Timber Co European White Oak Flooring in KIP finish

When choosing the flooring for her home, Athena wanted to offset the cool surface of the black and white marble tiles with a warmer material. To do this, she laid down European White Oak in KIP finish from reSAWN Timber Co that's pre-finished with hardwax oil. The engineered material comes standard at 5/8” thick with a substantial 4 mm wear layer, or 3/4” thick with a full 6 mm wear layer for a truly superior product. The 7” face width showcases the full character and grain pattern that European White Oak has to offer. Also available in a standard HERRINGBONE pattern.

Vintage Belgium Tiles

When Athena found the vintage Belgium marble tiles from Chateau Domingue she immediately envisioned them arranged in a checkerboard style at the front door. The end result is a statement entry that is as impactful as it is beautiful.

Burl Wood Mid Century Octagon Side Table 

While Athena's table is vintage from Holler & Squall, this burl wood beauty has a similar octagonal shape to add visual interest to your entryway.

Vondel Side Table Handcrafted in Polished Rosso Levanto Marble

Opt for a striking side table that makes a statement in your entryway like this beautiful pillar handcrafted from Rosso Levanto marble.

Calacatta Viola Marble side table

A diminutive cube allows you to play with varied heights at your entryway. Athena positioned hers next to a taller side table with a round top to stagger the layout and allow the eye to rise and fall as it observes each one.

Calacatta Viola Marble side table

Invest in a statement piece in you're entryway that commands attention like this viola marble side table that really doesn't need any other adornments (okay, maybe some branches!).

Primitive Clay Pot

Put a primitive clay vase or sculpture on top of your side table or pedestal to elevate the mood. Just add seasonal flowers.

Mesume Quality Authentic Ancient Vessel

Who needs flowers when you have a patinated vase this pretty?

Vintage Terracotta Vase

Add pattern via vintage objects like this old clay vessel with its geometric carvings.

Hand Carved Stone Rustic Park Garden Bench Seat Antique Indoor Outdoor

If you have the room, add a bench for guests to sit and remove their shoes or store their handbags. Or in the case of Athena, to provide more surface area for stylish vignettes.

Vintage Modern Lacquer Bench with Brass Detailing and Tufted Seat

Athena believes in investing in pieces you really love. Save up for those rare finds because they pay off in dividends. Take this vintage bench that she bought 10 years ago. She gave it a new life by having it reupholstered in silk velvet fabric for the entryway.

19th Century Firehouse Windsor Armchairs

Athena positioned a 17th century Swedish antique chair after the mudroom inside the entry to introduce some timeworn patina and history into the space.

Farrow and Ball Off Black Paint

Athena opted for this off-black shade on her doorway and staircase for a dramatic entrance.

Farrow and Ball Wevet Paint

This delicate white with a hint of gray is clean, understated and incredibly easy to live with. Athena used Wevet for many of the walls throughout her Brooklyn home.

RW Guild Montauk Candelabra

This sculptural candelabra makes a striking statement at the front door (or anywhere!).

French Art Deco Alabaster Chandelier

There is nothing more magical than natural materials. They immediately bring in touchable texture and visual candy that keep your eyes dancing around the room. This early 20th century alabaster light does just that which is why Athena placed it right in the entryway of her home. The circular yet sleek shape of the shades, the color, and the effect of the veins make this pendant an absolute joy to watch.

Red onyx marble ashtray

Decorative objects in raw materials like this vintage marble ashtray will bring warmth and storytelling to your entryway.

Solid Marble Ash Tray Catchall

Bold marble strikes again!

Rose onyx luxury marble cigar tray

Catchalls are a necessary entryway décor for stashing keys and knick knacks.


Stash boxes are also key on your entryway side table or bench to store unsightly but essential things in a stylish way.

Cyan Design The Great Sculpture

Create an eye-catching vignette at your entry with objet d'art, sculptures, and abstract pieces.

Jo Malone London Fresh Fig & Cassis Scented Candle

Nothing says "welcome home" quite like the fragrance of a scented candle especially when it's the fig and cassis aroma from Jo Malone. The presentation of this townhouse collection also doubles as décor.

Sam Messenger Artwork

This special piece by artist, Sam Messenger really sets the tone for Athena's entry and the rest of her home. Find an artist that you resonate with to do the same. It makes a profound difference to your mood and that of your space, too.

Moroccan Checker Rug

Bring in color or pattern to a neutral space through accessories or a textured rug. Athena's is vintage so we recommend scouring your local antique stores or Etsy where this one is from.

Design Frères Slender Wrought Iron and Rattan 'Triade' Floor Lamp

If you don't have the option to hang a stylish pendant, consider a floor lamp at the entry to provide visual interest and set the mood. There are some beautiful vintage options around—the art is in the hunt!

Paavo Tynell from GUBI Tynell 9602 Floor Lamp

This classic floor lamp will add warmth and style to any entry.

Aerin Moresby Floor Lamp

Opt for brass to create additional warmth that only gets better with age.

Athena Calderone x Beni Rugs: Imprint – Natural & Sage

A plush rug underfoot after a long day is the ideal way to welcome anyone into your home (including you!).

Athena Calderone x Beni Rugs: Gambit – Sienna & Taupe

Athena's marble checkerboard flooring makes for a striking entrance but if that isn't an option, bring the look home with her Beni Rugs design.

This post was originally published on March 1, 2021, and has since been updated.

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