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EyeSwoon Gift Guide – Athena’s Most-Coveted Kitchen Tools

EyeSwoon Gift Guide – Athena’s Most-Coveted Kitchen Tools
Inside Athena’s Kitchen

They say like attracts like, which is probably why one of the questions Athena gets asked most is, “What are the kitchen items you can’t live without?” We can relate–this inquiry is one we pose to just about every chef or foodie friend we admire and encounter! At long last, we’re responding–in-depth–to this commonly-asked query just in time for your holiday shopping wants and needs.  Ok, perhaps for gifting too! After all, what is EyeSwoon if not a platform for information-sharing among us curious creatures? With that, here are 10 (18 really) of Athena’s indispensable canteen companions, items you couldn’t pry out of her form- and function-loving hands if you tried. Here we go–we hope you enjoy a virtual peek into Athena’s kitchen shelves and drawers!

By Natalie Goel
Photo by Johnny Miller for Cook Beautiful

EyeSwoon Gift Guide – Athena’s Most-Coveted Kitchen Tools
EyeSwoon Gift Guide – Athena’s Most-Coveted Kitchen Tools
Looking Sharp

Material Kitchen Knife
This knife is sleek, stylish and sharp! There is no substitute for a high-quality knife in the kitchen.

Cutting Edge Cutlery 

Cutipol Goa Cutlery
This beautifully black and brushed steel flatware is slender and designed flawlessly. They are elegant yet work perfectly as an everyday set!

Daily Dinnerware 

Food52 Dinnerware by Jono Pandolfi
From Eleven Madison Park to Lilia to your very own dinner table. Jono Pandolfi’s classic designs are highly regarded in the NY restaurant world and are equally simple and durable for your daily use. 

Winning the Board Game

Blackcreek Mercantile Blackline Board
This stunning, sculptural board is crafted to last through the ages. It’s an EyeSwoon obsession.

Pepper Perfection

Wood Pepper Mill
I’ve been using this graceful, minimal mill to freshly crack pepper for years.

Salad Game-Changer

Super Benriner Mandoline
Any veggie becomes salad-worthy when elegantly sliced and diced with a mandoline. This beloved model is the one I, and myriad chefs, recommend.

The Dutch Oven

Staub Oval Cocotte
Once you use this cast iron dutch oven, you’ll never want to use another one again! Staub just gets it right. 

Mix It Up

Nested Ceramic Pour Bowls
Mix, stir, toss… these bowls will help you prep to perfection.


Wine & Diner

Summerill & Bishop x Goop White Wine Glasses

This stunning stemware is timeless, elegant, and also makes for a thoughtful holiday gift. I’m often caught sipping wine from these glasses as I cook!

Crumb Swiping

Five Two Essential Dish Towel
These dish towels are not only quick drying and ultra absorbing, but they’re pretty swoony lookin’ too!

Let’s Spoon

Williams Sonoma Maple Wood Spoons
Although these maple wood spoons emphasize putting function first, they are pretty enough to use at the table for serving!

MVP, Most Valuable Pan

Staub Cast Iron Fry Pan
There’s a reason people rave about cast iron skillets–they get ultra-hot and cook evenly. Staub is Athena’s mainstay.

Zest for Life

Microplane Master Series Zester
No surprise a lover of bold, bright flavors would covet her zester, but it’s also invaluable for grating cheese and garlic.

Mini But Mighty

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Food Processor
Don’t they always say that good things come in small packages? This mini-prep is petite but powerful and will surely speed up your cooking process


John Boos & Co. Maple Cutting Board
You might recognize this chopping block if you frequently watch my EyeSwoon Unplugged series on Instagram. This kitchen staple is the silent star of every single episode – and what I get asked the most about! 

The Ultimate Combo

GIR Silicone Spoonula
The basic kitchen tool is practical with a twist.. It is both a spoon and a spatula! 

Blending In

Vitamix Blender
From smoothies to soup – my Vitamix seamlessly blends my various ingredients into smooth & creamy bliss. 

Happy Cooking!

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