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EyeSwoon Gift Guide – Athena’s Most-Coveted Kitchen Tools

Athena's Most-Coveted Kitchen Items | EyeSwoon | Photo by Johnny Miller
Inside Athena’s Kitchen

They say like attracts like, which is probably why one of the questions Athena gets asked most is, “What are the kitchen items you can’t live without?” We can relate–this inquiry is one we pose to just about every chef or foodie friend we admire and encounter! At long last, we’re responding–in-depth–to this commonly-asked query just in time for your holiday shopping wants and needs.  Ok, perhaps for gifting too! After all, what is EyeSwoon if not a platform for information-sharing among us curious creatures? With that, here are 10 (18 really) of Athena’s indispensable canteen companions, items you couldn’t pry out of her form- and function-loving hands if you tried. Here we go–we hope you enjoy a virtual peek into Athena’s kitchen shelves and drawers!

By Natalie Goel
Photo by Johnny Miller for Cook Beautiful

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