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Fire Up the Grill for Father’s Day

Fire Up the Grill for Father’s Day
Grill Game Strong

One of the best ways to spend summer days and nights is grilling outdoors–and the adored pastime has Father’s Day written all over it. Traditionally manning the grill was dad’s domain, and while that’s an outdated notion in a lot of families, (including Athena’s), the idea of firing up the burners al fresco still has massive appeal for pretty much the entire family, dad included. The best lazy warm-weather days are the ones spent eating and grillaxing under the sun, hopefully with some good-looking gear and swoony surroundings. With that, here are 10 essentials to gift your padre or father figure. They’re functional, high-quality pieces he can reach for time and again, all season long.

By Natalie Goel
Photo by Johnny Miller for Cook Beautiful

One and Done

Rösle Ultimate BBQ Set
A high-quality stainless steel set to upgrade dad’s entire arsenal in one fell swoop.

Calderone Stamp of Approval

DCS Appliances 36” Traditional Gas Grill with Rotisserie
The very grill Athena and her family use and swear by.

Grillmaster Apron

Dutch Deluxes Dutch Leather BBQ Apron
Heavy-duty, dirt-repellant, and outfitted with leather accents and carabiners for tongs and spatulas.

Fine Football

Shinola Leather American Football
A finely crafted chocolate calf leather football to last for years.

Hello, Handsome

Skargaarden Kryss Folding Lounge Chair
Scandi style seemingly inspired by an English safari chair. Fold it up and cart it anywhere.

Gimme S’More

Terrain Campfire Roasting Sticks, Set of 4
If you’re lucky enough to have access to a fire pit, s’mores are too yummy to pass up. Roast ‘em up with this classic set.

A Cooler Cooler

Barebones Living Explorer Cooler
Hurrah for a streamlined, un-clunky cooler. You can use it in your own backyard or tote it to wherever the party is.

After Dark

Menu Carrie Portable Lamp
Streamlined Danish beauty for the outdoor dinner table. Charge it up and you can take it outside to up the cozy factor.

Game Time

Crate and Barrel Bocce Ball Set
It ain’t an outdoor party without lawn games. Bocce is one of our favorites! This solid set comes with everything you need, and it’s easy to tote around.

It’s Lit

Terrain Patriotic Sparkler Set
There’s something special and magical-feeling about bringing out the sparklers on summer nights.

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