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Fresh Start: The Laundry Room

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As some of you have been following along with my townhouse renovation these past six months, you might know that Tuesday mornings are my weekly site visits with my architecture team, general contractor, and foreman. The meetings are beyond exciting as I ogle at the progress that has been made week to week, but they are also high stakes and overwhelming at times. Almost like a quick-fire challenge, many decisions, (okay, more like 1,000), need to be made in the moment, split second, on the spot. Then you have to let it go and move on to the reimagining the remaining 999.

My obsessive tendencies struggle with this but such is the way with construction. Last Tuesday one of the many areas of focus was the laundry room. I poked around on Pinterest and found some beautiful spaces as a jumping off point. One thing is clear – our options have expanded for the hardest-working machines in our home, the washer and dryer. I got my hands on a swoonified set. Rather than concealing the LG TWINWash washer and dryer behind closed doors, I made the choice to let them sing in the shiny gunmetal glory they deserve. I will have a pair of pocket doors to section off the laundry room while allowing the space and the units to be exposed. Standard bland and blanca washers in the closet no more!

This week on The 10 Essentials I am highlighting the laundry room to show just how far (and how chic) we have come with the workhorses of the house. There are so many covetable items, in fact, that this installment of The 10 Essentials turned into 15! There are woven baskets galore, artisanal detergents that do not destroy our clothes with harsh chemicals, (and are in the prettiest packaging to boot), and wooden ironing boards that might appear of-the-minute-modern but are actually reminiscent of Scandinavia yesteryear.

But what I am most excited about is my mini washer, my LG SideKick – whom I already know is going to become this little lady’s laundry best friend. Okay, so you know how you have that one eyelet white top that is vintage and beyond precious, or your new Marysia bikini, and you find yourself having to do a large load for a single item, on delicate? Well, my side piece – oops, I mean SideKick, is coming to the rescue. It’s a mini machine below the mega machine for those smaller, intimate washes that can scrub-a-dub-dub simultaneously as you wash your duvet. I know I am a total geek that these are the things of excitement in my world, but it really is genius, efficient, environmentally conscious, and all-around amazing. So, me, myself, my side piece – my SideKick – and I, plan to get some duel-action washing come September.

That brings us to those design choices for the laundry room. Gunmetal LG TWINWash washer and dryer, upper Shaker-style cabinets flanking a wall of subway tile, perhaps with gunmetal grey grout, and open shelving for those super cute baskets. Follow along on Instagram Stories on Tuesdays!

Fresh Start: The Laundry Room
Bright Whites

The Laundress Whites Detergent

Luxe, eco-friendly detergent (with the prettiest packaging) to keep your whites as good as new.

Hey Jute

Striped Jute Laundry Basket

A handcrafted, Fair Trade basket beautiful enough to leave out on display.

Laundry in Bloom

Lavender Laundry Sachet

Toss one in the dryer to impart a subtle scent of pure lavender.

Twice as Nice

LG TwinWash with SideKick Pedestal Washer

Laundry game changer: this washer lets you run two loads at once. Put your main load up top and a lighter load, (say, gym clothes or swimwear), below in the SideKick smaller washer.

Lighten Your Load

LG Mega Capacity TurboSteam Dryer

Want to give your clothes a quick makeover? Thanks to the LG TurboSteam, you can throw ’em in for just 10 minutes to smooth out wrinkles or nip odors in the bud.


Sophisticated Scent

Diptyque Baies Scented Oval

Lend the fresh fragrance of blackcurrant and Bulgarian roses to your closet or drawer.

Clean Lines

European Ironing Board

A simple, elegant ironing board, crafted by woodworkers in Italy.

Spritz Away Stains

Murchison Hume Garment Groom

The eco-friendly way to treat stains and freshen fabrics.

Streamlined Laundry Storage

Cream Canvas Laundry Basket

A sleek hamper with a slender footprint and washable canvas laundry bag.

High and Dry

Handmade Wooden Clothes Horse

A drying dream — plenty of space, cedar wood, and a neat-and-tidy foldable design.

Roll With It

Elevated Laundry Basket

Hold it all in style, and wheel it wherever you need with ease.

Got You Pegged

Birch Peg Rail

Use one or multiple of these Swedish rails to corral all your laundry room odds and ends.

So Sensitive

Common Good Laundry Detergent

Eco-friendly detergent that’s safe for those with sensitive skin — although we’ll admit we were smitten as soon as we saw the glass bottle.

Keep It Together

Homz Clothespin Bag

The rustic, pared-down bag keeps all those clothespins together and at your fingertips.

Stow in Style

Woven Ash Baskets

Hold it all in handsome, hand-cut ash baskets held together with brass nails.

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