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Safe to say that with the arrival of Spring, comes a very distinct excitement in the air.  Suddenly we are all walking about with coats off, sitting at outdoor cafes, & visiting the green markets to see a plethora of spring veggies!  At the first sign of spring one particular vegetable that makes its way to my families’ table weekly are sugar snap peas.

The key to maximizing flavor is to eat peas when they are freshest & that is NOW and throughout spring when they grow in abundance!

With their vibrant green hue, crisp snappy texture, & sweet clean taste… Sugar Snap Peas are the absolute perfect snack eaten raw or blanched, naked or dressed up….they are oh so snappy good!

One of my favorite ways to serve these peas is blanched & served atop freshly whipped ricotta. The brightness of the peas, with their punchy crunch, pairs so well with the creamy complexity of the ricotta.  Finished with a drizzle of evvo, squeeze of lemon, & plenty of chopped mint…doesn’t get fresher than this!

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