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  1. Honestly Yum – The turkey is the most important part of the day, so why not dress it up accordingly?  I love the way the girls at HONESTLY YUM added leafy greens and pomegranates to this turkey making it not only the main dish, but a total centerpiece for your table.

  2. Oh Happy Day – The best part about Thanksgiving? The day after when we chow down on leftovers. I love the idea of sending your guests home with a cute little doggie bag – download and create your own label here!

  3. Style Me Pretty – The breaking of the wishbone is a sacred tradition in our family – but maybe this year I can convince the boys forgo this ritual in the name of DIY?

  4. Apartment 34 – When I create Fall table settings I tend to go for deep, rich hues…but why not spice things up with pops of neon pink and bright green in your floral setting?

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Living Swoon Radar:

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Living Swoon Radar:

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