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Grilling for Dummies

Labor day has come and gone (at record speed!) and temperatures are slowly beginning to drop, yet I find myself not quite ready to let go of some of my favorite summertime dishes. So, when the fam and I snuck out to Amagansett this past weekend to enjoy some off-season peace and quiet, I couldn’t help but whip up one of my ultimate favorite dishes: fish two ways. This easy breezy meal has very little prep time and the herby fresh ingredients make it the ultimate in swoonable meals.

Fish on the grill can often present a problem – especially when working with delicate flakey white fishes, which tend to be this gals favorite. I’ll let you in on my little grilling secret! Embarrassingly, I will admit that several years ago I was browsing through a friend’s collection of cookbooks and came across “Grilling For Dummies” (for reals!). I couldn’t help but dive in, not quite a grill master at this point, and it was here that I learned the most handy trick: by simply slicing lemons and placing directly on the grill grates, with your fish atop, you avoid any potential catastrophes with fish crumbling into oblivion. Everything cooks right through and what’s better, this method requires no flipping. Umm…does it get any easier?

Using this method, I love to chop up an assortment fresh herbs and vegetables to drizzle over the grilled (and intact) filet. On this particular night I created a duo of swoon-worthy accouterments to our fish two ways (because why not?!) – one with chopped tomatoes, capers, onions, olive oil and the other with an herby and lemony salsa verde.

So, although I may have packed up all of the little summer dresses, this swoonalicious dish is transitioning with me all the way into fall.

Photography by Athena Calderone

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